Robotic Sample Processors

BEELINE is a well established family of robotic sample processors that caters for a wide range of liquid handling and sample preparation techniques          


Beeline 210 Beeline 520



 The range includes a variety of different size models and accepts a large number of accessories making it suitable for clinical, industrial and pharmaceutical procedures

Beeline Features include:

  Excellent pipetting accuracy and precision

  Range of sizes (small to fit most fume & laminar flow cabinets up to large Workstations)

  Optical, capacitive or conductive level detector

  Internal or external syringe drives

  Simple and robust design

  Variety of software control options

  Extremely cost effective


Product Range Introduction

The Beeline range includes a number of models with different deck sizes. There are currently 4 deck sizes available - the Beeline 200, 300, 400 and, new for 2016, the 500. The 200 is the smallest with an X travel of approximately 330mm. The 500 is the largest with an X travel of approximately 850mm.

The Beeline range is well established and, over the years, has always evolved to incorporate the latest developments in robotics and software to maximise reliability and performance. The Beeline 520 sx marks the introduction of the latest series of mechanics and electronics and this is designated by the SX suffix. The SX series represents a significant jump in performance of the Beeline range especially with the processing speed and throughput.

Liquid handling

The Beeline range incorporate one or more Compudil LR diluter/dispenser within the instrument. For higher dilution ratios, the addition of an external dual-syringe Compudil 3 is recommended. Nine different syringes are available to cope with volumes from 2 micro-litres to 25 millilitres.

For applications requiring sterile liquid dispensing or for simple filling tasks a peristaltic pump version of the Beeline range is available. The Periflex 500sx represents the latest and fastest of these and incorporates two peristaltic pumps.

Software Control

Control of all probe movements in the XYZ axes plus operation of the diluter is usually from an external PC via a comms link. This includes 2 programmable inputs and outputs to interface with ancillary equipment. A variety of different software options are available.Click here for further info.

Hardware Options

A number of hardware options are available to suit the needs of specific applications including different probe types, racks, pump types etc.




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