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HTZ manufactures automated systems to perform both IFA and ELISA tests. These tests are performed routinely in hospital immunology departments for the detection and monitoring of autoimmune disease. These tests involve a number of labour intensive pipetting processes including: sample dilution, sample pipetting, washing of test wells, the addition of one or more reagents. Performing large numbers of these tests manually can be tedious and, more significantly, error prone.

The most commonly automated tests include those for ANA (anti-nuclear antibodies), ANCA (Anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies), ENA (extractable nuclear antigens) Cardiolipin, and DNA. These tests are usually performed using reagent kits which are available from a variety of suppliers. The majority of these have already been succesfully automated on the Beeline including those from ImmunoConcepts, Inova, BioSystems, Euroimmun, Medipan, BioDiagnostics and many more.

The Beeline 220s Automated IFA & ELISA system solves this problem by providing cost effective automation for both tests and has now been installed in laboratories all around the world. It accommodates the majority of IFA test formats and configurations available and can be adapted with custom racks, layouts or software to enhance its flexibility further.

The Beeline 320 (72 sample capacity) and Beeline 420 (96 sample capacity) both offer similar capabilities to the 220 but include automated barcode reading of both patient samples and microscope slides. Processing data including the barcodes is recorded and can be exported to imaging systems such as Image Navigator® from ImmunoConcepts providing a complete "chain of custody" from sample to result.

The Beeline 520 sx , the latest model in the range, is designed for higher throughput laboratories. It has a sample capacity of up to 288. With an optional second probe the 520 offers twice the processing speed of the other models and is capable of processing much larger batches.









® Image Navigator is a registered trademark of ImmunoConcepts LTD , NA


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