Robotic Sample Processors

The Beeline SX series offers a unique combination of advanced liquid handling and software technology and are designed to automate the most demanding applications with both high performance and security

Beeline 520 SX 
 Features and options include:

   Twin probe, high-throughput configuration

   288 position ID sample rack option

   Disposable tip option

   Advanced applications software environment

   Excellent pipetting accuracy and precision

   Advanced level detection options


Beeline 520 SX



The Beeline "SX" series represent the latest and most advanced sample processor systems manufactured by HTZ. All "SX" models incorporate a variety of advanced technical features to enhance the flexibility of these robust instruments. Incorporating the latest advances in electronics the SX series achieve high performance and throughput whilst minimising mechanical complexity and unnecessary costs.

Configurations for any application

The SX series can be equipped from the full range of accessories described so whatever the liquid handling task, there is a Beeline that can be configured to provide a cost effective and reliable solution to its automation. Typical applications include:

 Immunoassay (ELISA, RIA, EIA, LIA etc)

 Compliment Fixation tests (CFTs)

 Milk testing

 IFA Slide preparation

 Compound Distribution

 Plasma Pooling

 PCR sample preparation




Complete Security

To achieve a secure audit trail from sample through to result, the Beeline SX series incorporate a number of options to capture the identifier information - from a simple, manually operated wedge reader to the automated Bar-code reader used for positive identification of up to 288 samples in removable carriers. Samples can be loaded rapidly and securely away from the instrument and then loaded onto the instrument in one operation. An integral bar-code reader is availble in the arm to allow identification of other items anywhere on the bed eg microplates.

Pos ID Rack

High capacity Positive ID Rack

Advanced Sensing Technology

The first and perhaps the most critical step in automated liquid handling is often the accurate detection of the liquid surface. HTZ has developed a number of systems tailored to suit the differing requirements of individual applications. These include high sensitivity conductive, capacitative and pressure based sensing systems. The conductive sensor is suitable for most aqueous applications and is used in conjunction with a wide range of probe types and these have been optimised for use in immunoassay, blood grouping, milk testing etc. HTZ's capacitive sensing system is a uniquely sensitive device designed to detect non-ionic solvents such as methanol and is particularly suited for applications where a wide variety of organic solvents may be encountered such as compound distribution.

Twin Probe Sampling


SX Security Rack





The Beeline SX series includes the option of two Z drives. These can be fitted with either metal needle probes, disposable tips or one of each.

The two probes are at a fixed pitch of 18mm but are independently driven. Coupled to our unique high-speed

syringe drives this configuration gives the Beeline range the ability to process at speeds similar to 4 probe systems in many applications whilst minimising complexity and cost.

Accessories and Options

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