Automated IFA & ELISA System

The Beeline 220s is a compact and highly flexible instrument providing cost-effective automation for both IFA and ELISA assays.

The Beeline 220s performs all of the following assay processes:


   Sample dilution and pipetting

   Slide and microplate washing

   Reagent addition

   Timed incubations



The Beeline 220s is extremely space efficient. Occupying less than 0.5 metres of bench space, it still has the capacity to process batches of up to 96 samples and 16 IFA slides - all unattended of course.


Easy to set up

The Beeline 220s IFA Application Software has been designed to be easy to program. All assay parameters are entered by means of a simple interface with instant on-line help available for each parameter. Defining new slide and rack layouts is also made easy using the Beeline's “Virtual Joystick”, which gives direct control over the arm.


The Beeline 220s software caters for a wide variety of IFA and ELISA techniques.Up to 4 different IFA assays can be combined as part of a single batch. Each assay is independently programmable, allowing you to control all liquid handling parameters such as sample dilution, reagent volumes, reagent locations, etc. Furthermore, the wash protocol is also specific to each assay, thereby allowing wash volumes, soak time and number of cycles to be optimised for each type of slide.

Other features include:

   Capacity for 16 slides & 96 samples

   Highly compact footprint

   Easy to set up

   Multiple assay capability

   Comprehensive data logging

   Graphical processing display


   Robust and reliable


Worklist entry

Routine operation of the Beeline 220s simply requires you to define a worklist in which the test requests for each sample are entered. Sample identifiers may be entered manually or by means of a barcode reader for greater security. Key information, such as the number of wells and number of slides of each slide type used, the number of dilution tubes required, is displayed to help you optimise the usage of your slides. Controls can be presented to the Beeline 220s either ready diluted or undiluted. A variety of processing options allows you to pipette them at fixed positions or variable positions on the slides.

Easy to use

To run the Beeline 220s you simply need to select which worklist to process. When processing a profile of multiple tests, you will be prompted where to start loading each type of slide as well as the number of each type of slide to load. Once processing is underway, the graphical interface provides the operator with continuous information on the progress of the batch. A colour display shows which tubes have been processed and also indicates whether any errors, such as insufficient sample, have been encountered.

Reliable and adaptable

The Beeline 220s is based on reliable and well-proven technology incorporated into over a thousand analysers worldwide. The robust design combined with its highly flexible software ensures that it will remain an essential and dependable workhorse in your laboratory for many years to come.


To enhance the flexibilty of the Beeline 220s further, a number of precision made racks are available to accommodate the different types of slides and tubes in use in most laboratories. Beeline220s with cover

Security shield

The Beeline 220s is now available with a security shield option. As well as improving the safety of operation, the shield also helps to stabilise the internal environment protecting your slides and test strips during incubations. During operation if the shield is lifted the instrument will stop automatically.


Beeline 220 Brochure     Beeline 220 Brochure














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