Automated IFA & ELISA System

The Beeline 320sx is the latest model in the SX range of Beeline sample processors for high-throughput IFA and ELISA processing. Incorporating all of the developments and features of our other processing platforms the 320sx offers a medium sample capacity with a high density layout making it particularly suitable for laboratories with large workloads and limited workspace.































The Beeline 320sx performs all of the following main assay processes:


   Automated Sample Barcode Reading

   Automated Slide Barcode Reading (1D and 2D code types)

   Sample dilution and pipetting

   Slide and microplate washing

   Reagent addition

   Timed incubations

   Interfaces available for automated microscopes

   Proven liquid handling technology


The Beeline 300sx provides the highest levels of performance and consistency of results. These features, combined with its integrated positive ID and two-way interfacing capability, make the instrument indispensible for any laboratory wishing to take its IFA automation to the next level whilst retaining the flexibility that an open system approach provides.

The Beeline 300sx offers unsurpassed flexibility and accuracy in the preparation of dilutions. This critical step is probably one of the most important reasons why labs choose to automate IFA and autoimmune ELISAs.

Primary and serial dilutions are prepared in either 1.2ml dilution tubes, or microplates, or both depending on the rack layout supplied. An intelligent algorithm is used to prepare dilutions accurately and with the minimum number of tubes required for the dilutions selected in the Worklist.



   Capacity for 12 slides & 160 samples

   Graphical processing display

   Easy to set up

   Multiple assay capability

   Comprehensive data logging

   Automated sample and slide barcode reading


   Robust and reliable

   Compatible with Image Navigator ®




Beeline 520 Sample Aspirate

Dual Probe Sampling (Beeline 520 shown)


® Image Navigator is a registered trademark of Immuno Concepts, NA, Ltd

* Sample capacity stated above is the maximum possible. Actual capacity may be reduced in some deck configurations










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