Blood Fractionation System


Robotic “pick and place” sampler with sample assessment, liquid handling and capping/decapping modules




The SELECTA Blood Fractionation System is an automated liquid handling instrument specifically designed for the preparation of buffy coat samples. Incorporating HTZ´s disposable tip liquid handling and robotic gripper technology it provides the Biobanking laboratory with the means to fully automate the preparation of buffy coat samples. By incorporating the secondary tube uncapping module, zero "inter-tube" cross contamination is guaranteed as only one tube is open at a time.


     BEELINE 400 Series XYZ Robotic Pipetting system

     Tube Gripper Module

     Integrated barcode readers for 1D and 2D codes

     Image based sample assessment module for buffy coat detection

     DT Precision fluid dispensing using standard disposable tips

     Optional integrated automatic decapper/capper

     Underarm barcode reader for reading codes in SBS format racks
     Continuous loading

     Small footprint

     Ideal for low to medium throughput laboratories.



Sample Assessment Module

The Sample Assessment Module contains a high definition camera which takes images of the liquid column in the sample tube and detects the size and position of the buffy coat layer*. This data is used to steer the disposable tip to the correct level when distributing the buffy coat to target tubes. Image files are stored with a name corresponding to the sample ID.

HTZ's proprietary "ARX" software is used for the image analysis. This allows for customised configurations of camera parameters (exposure, contrast, hue, saturation etc.) and image analysis (area of interest, layer discrimination, layer colour etc.). Many different configurations may be stored, depending on tube type, state of sample etc. and used for different run profiles.

The ARX software contains an interactive set-up module which allows sets of parameters to be tested against a number of samples so the parameters can be optimised.

The barcode (1D or 2D) on the sample tube is also read in the Sample Assessment Module.

The Sample Assessment Module is located under the cover on the left hand side of the instrument.

As an option, the Sample Assessment Module may contain a device for rotating the sample tube (the “Omnidirectional Sample Orientation Mechanism”) which rotates the tube such that its barcode can be read and the liquid column image can be captured. This removes the need for the operator to orientate the sample tubes in their rack correctly.

Tube Uncapper/Capper Module

A motorised rotatating tube uncapper enables the SELECTA to process tubes that are capped with screw tops. A typical sequence might involve the following steps: Tubes are picked up, identified, uncapped, liquid is aspirated or dispensed into the tube, recapped, weighed and finally placed back in a rack.


Tube Uncapper/Capper Module

Disposable Tip

The Disposable Tip option on the SELECTA works with a variety of tip sizes. The use of HTZ’s advanced pressure sensing technology for surface level detection allows the use of naturally transparent tips facilitating visual assessment of any liquid handling processes - especially useful in buffy coat sample preparation.




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