Diluters & Dispensers

HTZ are one of the leading manufacturers of diluters and dispensers. We offer a range of competitively priced bench-top systems as well as precision syringe modules for integration into OEM instruments

Compudil 3 Compudil 310 & 320
Compudil 3 Compudil 310 & 320
Compudil 330 Compudil LR
Compudil 330 & 340

All incorporate the latest stepper motor and control technology to provide the highest level of precision and accuracy achievable. Each model is extremely robust and is designed to retain the highest performance levels when operated under continuous operation.

The Compudil 3 provides dual syringe flexibility combined with a choice of 3 control methods. The Compudil 310 and 320 offer cost effective pipetting & dilution with a choice of 9 pre-programmed routines. The Compudil 330 & 340 provides the same level of liquid handling capabilities but with control provided by an external RS232 link. Finally the Compudil LR is designed to be panel mounted and is primarily designed for OEM and special projects.















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