HTZ is a leading supplier of OEM laboratory robotic equipment. Our reputation for designing robust and reliable engineering design ensures that our equipment is relied upon in thousands of laboratories around the world



The development of scientific instrumentation today is a complex task. The increasing sophistication of scientific techniques, the impact of more stringent regulations, the power and complexity of modern computer systems and, not least, the rising expectations of users, mean that it makes less sense than ever to “reinvent the wheel” when producing or upgrading an instrumentation product.

This is where HTZ can help. Our 35 years in the forefront of laboratory automation have given us a wealth of expertise and a range of products which can be used to solve many development and sourcing problems at a stroke, giving you more time to concentrate on the innovative aspects of your development and leaving you to focus on your customers and market.

HTZ's wide range of in-house development and engineering capabilities include:

  Rapid prototyping facility

  Software engineering

  Electronics engineering

  Production engineering

  Contract manufacturing

  Project management

  ISO 9001 : 2015

Operating in the Clinical, Industrial and Pharma markets, we provide automated solutions for a wide range of laboratories through our global distributor network and OEM* partners.

HTZ have a wide range of technologies and modules available which can be used to speed the development of new products, or enhance existing ones. Most modules have been proven by being used in our own products, usually for extended periods.

The experience of developing, integrating, sourcing and manufacturing systems with such a wide range of technologies helps speed the development of instruments using any new or related technologies. In addition, we offer our skills to help you bring your products to market successfully in the shortest possible time. Few organisations can match our knowledge of the “black arts” of laboratory automation, or our experience in managing the development of complex instrumentation against tight deadlines.

The resources and skills required for your project will, of course, depend on where it is in the development cycle. Whether still just an idea or already at the advanced prototype stage , we have capabilities to help you bring it to market.

Specialist skills

HTZ primarily specialises in designing and manufacturing products for automated liquid handling. This has given us the expertise to tackle projects from customised stand-alone diluters through to fully automated clinical analysers. Our experience in developing environmental instruments and our involvement in the development of thermal cyclers and DNA sensor based detection systems means we also have specialist expertise in thermal control, lasers and optics.

Mechanical engineering

Our designers employ the latest CAD software tools for the development of outline and detailed design proposals. We employ 3D models to help the detailed technical discussions that are needed as part of any successful OEM project. Furthermore, our in-house manufacturing facility gives us the flexibility to manufacture prototypes and test concepts on an extremely rapid timescale.



Our expertise here reflects our extensive experience in robotics and automation including:

  Stepper motor control - XYZ robotic drives

  Temperature control - Thermal cyclers, incubators

  Optics -lasers, fluorimeters, photometric systems, image analysis

Software engineering

New instrument systems require software development at a number of different "levels". A comprehensive understanding of software architecture, and of the different languages employed, is required to maximise software development efficiency and reliability. This applies particularly where integration into other software systems is required.

HTZ's wide ranging experience in software development and our comprehensive library of core software technologies translates itself into a rapid development from concept to completed product.

Some of the current tools employed include:

  Low level - C, C++, VB6, VB.NET

  Script - Perl, Java

  Applications - VISPROG (In-house robotics control)

  User Interface - VB, VB.NET


As well as product design and development we are also able to offer Contract Manufacturing.

For further information on Contract Manufacturing click here.


If you would like to speak to us about your particular automation project then please contact our marketing manager.




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