RotaMixa 5000

A large volume mixer for gently mixing volumes of up to 5 litres . Designed to supply automated filling systems with solutions where a high degree of homogeneity is required and where the components requiring suspension may be easily damaged by conventional stirrers.




RotaMixa 5000 is a high-performance, benchtop mixer with a capacity to mix volumes of up to 5 litres of liquid. Designed specifically around the Nalgene range of autoclavable polypropylene bottles, it maintains relatively large volumes of solutions such as whole blood, or other fragile biological materials in suspension prior to being dispensed by an automated dispenser.

Mixing Module

At the heart of the the RotaMixer is a powerful stepper motor driven mixing platform. This is designed to securely hold and rotate the 5 litre container. The bottle is angled to achieve improved mixing of the contents.

The RotaMixa is microprocessor controlled and the speed of rotation can be optimised to suit the components being aggitated. External control can be achieved via a USB connection allowing full control of mixing parameters including speed, direction and duration.

Cap and Stirrer Paddle Assembly

Re-suspension is achieved by a fixed mixing paddle which runs in close proximity to the internal wall of the bottle and along its length. When the bottle is rotated by the RotaMixa, the paddle gently resuspends the contents of the bottle to give a homogeneous suspension of the bottle's contents.

The paddle assembly is attached to the cap via a rotating bearing PTFE and the entire assembly can be dismantled for cleaning and or autoclaving.

The paddle assembly includes two internal guide rods that direct the supply tubing to the "corner" of the bottle thereby maximizing liquid recovery from the bottle achieving a "deadvolume" as low as 10mls.

The RotaMixa 5000 is designed to complement the Periflex SX range of high-performance filling systems. The combination of the two systems makes a powerful filling system capable of delivering consistent homogenous aliquots of cellular suspensions over large batches.

Rotamixer 5000


RotaMixa 5000






RotaMixa Connected to Periflex Filling system












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