Automated Liquid Handling

The BEELINE SX range of XYZ robotic platforms represent the culmination of over 40 years experience in the development of automated liquid handling platforms. This experience translates into mechanical and software engineering products which are world class and which provide practical, cost-effective automation to laboratories around the world.

The Beeline SX uses the best mechanical components available. For eample, the linear rails used in the X and Y motions are manufactured to the highest specifications and are designed to operate continuously for decades. This helps explain why some of our machines are stil in use some 20 to 30 years after installation!

The Beeline SX can be adapted to automate a variety of liquid handling applications. HTZ has a wealth of experience in automating challenging applications and has developed a variety of liquid handling and robotic technologies to deliver reliable and cost-effective solutions to the laboratory





Beeline 520sx


















Beeline 200 series  
Beeline 200   Beeline 300
Beeline 400   Beeline 500sx


The Beeline range offers flexible automated pipetting for a wide variety of liquid handling applications.
Different hardware configurations are available to suit the demands of different applications and some of the options include:

  Stainless steel, Teflon coated needles for sample pipetting and dilution 
  Disposable Tip (DT) probe for applications requiring zero carryover
  Peristaltic pump for bulk sterile liquid dispensing
  Barcode readers for positive ID of samples, controls, reagents etc
  Robotic tube gripper for moving tubes
  Uncapping module for removing and replacing caps on bottles
  Tube labelling module for applying barcodes to secondary tubes
  Integrated balance for automated weighing of tubes and liquids


The Beeline range includes applications specific models such as the Beeline 220 for IFA automation, the BeeGroup 300 for automated Blood Grouping, the Periflex tube and vial filling workstation.

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