Tube sorter and pipetting robot


A flexible robotic tube sorter with automated liquid handling and weighing options capable of performing a wide range of cherry picking and rearraying tasks




SELECTA is available with options to perform all of the following tasks:


   Sample Dilution and Pipetting

   Tube Uncapping/Recapping

   Tube Identification

   Tube Weighing

   Cherry Picking





SELECTA is a unique instrument for the cost effective automation of tasks requiring tube identification, sorting, weighing. It also offers the option of integrated automated liquid handling allowing it to tackle tasks that would otherwise require more instruments or a much larger investment.

The instrument comprises a robotic proportional control gripper that accommodates a wide variety of tube sizes for moving tubes between racks, the barcode reading position(s) and the weighing station.

Tubes may be presented in a variety of different rack types but typically they are in 96 position SBS format blocks.

Identification of tube codes, either 2D or linear barcode, is achieved by means of the integral camera 2D scanner or laser barcode reader respectively.

Weighing of tubes is performed by the 4-figure balance integrated into the weigh station.

Liquid handling is performed by a single channel syringe drive option coupled with a metal needle probe capable of performing precision pipetting tasks such as sample transfer, reagent addition, serial dilution and compound dissolution.

SELECTA represents a unique combination of cost effective tube sorting and advanced automated liquid handling.

Typical Applications

SELECTA is used for all types of tube sorting operations including:

Cherry-picking i.e. picking out individual tubes from a rack and loading them into another rack

Cherry-picking - transferrring an aliquot from selected source tubes and pipetting into another rack..

Tube-weighing – weighing empty tubes prior to addition of dry compound.
Tube-weighing – weighing empty tubes prior to addition of a solvent.
Tube-weighing – weighing empty tubes prior to removal of an aliquot.
Rearraying – identifying tubes in a rack and putting them into a sequence that matches that in an existing worklist.

Tube GrabberSelecta Tube Gripper


The tube grabber accommodates tubes with a minimum diameter of 9mm and a maximum diameter of 14mm. Gripping force is monitored throughout any tube manipulations for increased security of operation. This also provides the ability to detect and confirm the presence or absence of tubes throughout any processing operation.

The range of tubes that can be accommodated include* those from Abgene, FluidX, Matrix and Nunc. A variety of cryovials can also be processed.

Weigh Station

The weigh station incorporates a high-performance Sartorius 4-figure balance. A 5- figure balance option is also available.

Syringe Drive

The syringe drive can be fitted with a range of different syringe sizes but usually either 1000µl or 2500µl


SELECTA is controlled by our advanced robotic instrument control suite giving the user the ability to readily configure the instrument for a number of different tasks, deck layouts and tube types. The software provides a graphical display of the instrument during processing so that progress can be readily monitored.


The deck can be configured to accommodate up to 12 SBS format racks plus reagent racks in addition to the weigh station and 2D barcode reader.

Probe WashStation

When transfering liquiids the pipetting needle is washed in between samples in a Probe Wash station that washes both the inside and the outside surfaces of the probe needle.




* Check first with HTZ if your tubes have been tested on the SELECTA


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