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Blood Grouping Reader for Gel Cards

A highly-sensitive image analysis reader for the interpretation of blood grouping tests performed in gel cards















[Bullet] Suitable for ABO/Rh grouping, antibody screening etc

[Bullet] Reads all varieties of gel type cards  

[Bullet] Fully programmable, high-resolution image analysis    

[Bullet] Detects and interprets "weak" positives reliably   

[Bullet] Batch mode option for maximum throughput  

[Bullet] Automatic bar-code reading of card barcodes


Reads wide range of Gel Cards

SOLO is an image analysis reader dedicated to reading a wide range of blood grouping and other haemagglutination assays based on gel and other similar card technologies.

Advanced Image and Data Analysis

SOLO incorporates the latest image analysis technology to provide high resolution images for the greatest sensitivity in the interpretation of all agglutination based reactions. Advanced, programmable data analysis software is used to enhance the sensitivity further allowing parameters to be optimised for the specific requirements of a particular test.

Wide range of Applications

SOLO is suitable for the following tests:

[Bullet] ABO/Rh

[Bullet] Phenotyping

[Bullet] Antibody screening

[Bullet] Cross matching

[Bullet] Sickle cell

Reagent Flexibility

SOLO gives you the flexibility to choose the reagent supplier to suit your particular needs. It is designed to read all of the card technologies on the market and currently has adaptors available for those from BioRad (Diamed), Ortho and Sanquin.

Secure Operation

The SOLO reader esigned to work either in stand-alone mode or integrated with a sample processor such as the QASAR 500 or BeeGroup 300. Whichever mode is used, automatic identification of gel cards is achieved using the high-resolution camera. Results data is then be automatically linked to the sample identifiers and can then be exported to the laboratory computer system.

Powerful Data Manipulation

Aurora software fromStratec biomedical (Formerly Sanguin International) provides almost unlimited flexibility for viewing and reporting of results. Reports can be custom designed to your own specification. Aurora also enhances security of operation by comprehensive password protection at all levels to reduce the risk of unauthorised access. A complete audit trail of user operations can be used to aid retrospective fault finding.


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