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Automated Liquid Handling Solutions!


If you need automated serial dilutions – in a single buffer or more complex dilution series in multiple buffers, HTZ’s application suite has it covered

Beeline 520 sx especially suitable for preparing multiple and serial dilutions


You would be forgiven for thinking that performing sample dilutions is simple and its what most automated liquid samplers should be good at. The reality is that even many expensive systems just don’t have the applications to cater for some of the more demanding laboratory tests and procedures.

We have been developing applications for performing complex and extensive dilution series for many years. The experience gained whilst developing fully automated instruments for tumour marker immunoassays such as HCG and, more recently, our automated IFA instruments, means we are well placed to tackle these applications. Whether it be automated serial dilutions or complex and sample specific dilutions in different solutions we have applications software to suit. For example, if it is necessary to prepare some initial diluitons in one buffer and then change to a different matrix for others this is all programmable in our CCX3 applications software.

Special Features for Serial Dilutions

A number of new features have been added to the Beeline sx instrument’s hardware and software to meet some of the unique requirements of these tests including the following:

Unlimited number of dilutions for a given sample

Control of pipetting volumes used in intermediate dilutions

Different diluents selectable for individual dilutions

Timed incubation with specific diluents as a pre-treatment

Dilution ratios infinitely controllable

Dual Nozzle probe for performing simultaneous aspiration and dispensing steps

Intelligent dilution algorithm to minimise intermediate dilutions

Mixing, washing, plus a whole range of step specific parameters

Examples of some of the tests automated which benefit from these options include:

Rickettsia IFA IgMRickettsia IFA IgG
Bartonella IFA IgMBartonella IFA IgG
Q Fever IFA IgGQ Fever IFA IgM

To learn more about how the dilution capabilities of HTZ Workstations can benefit your particular applications then please contact us.