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Automated Liquid Handling Solutions!

Affordable Automated Liquid Handling

HTZ designs automated liquid handling instruments for a wide variety of laboratories and supplies systems on both an OEM basis and via its distributor network.

Our mission is to supply reliable, cost-effective solutions to automate the most labour intensive stages of any process involving liquid handling and to provide you with the highest added value and return on your investment.

Please take a look here at some of the systems we offer now. Alternatively, contact us to find out how we can help deliver a low cost, customised solution for your next automation project.

Beeline 320 IFA System
Beeline 320 IFA System
Sample Management
Barcoded Samples
Automated Liquid Handling
Barcoded Samples
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New Products for 2024

HTZ will be launching additional models in its newest range of cost-effective automated robots during 2024. The Beeline ZX workstation range offers exceptional value for money yet still incorporates many of the features gained from our extensive experience in designing and building automated liquid handling instruments. The Beeline ZX range complements the Beeline SX range and enables us to provide both customised and OEM workstations more readily.

To see how the ZX range can help you click here

BEELINE 200 ZX “Barebones” system

Pipetting Robot for MSC’s

The Beeline 200 ZX workstation is designed for a wide variety of liquid handling applications. Available as a “Barebones” version with no covers, it fits inside many standard Class II Microbiological Safety Cabinets (MSC’s). Based on the HTZ’s new “ZX” platform, the system includes one or more disposable tip pipetting probes and has options for shakers, incubators and a barcode reader for fully automated positive ID of samples and microplates.

Beeline 200 ZX

BEELINE 200 ZX – Benchtop Configuration

Compact Benchtop Pipetting Robot

The Beeline 200 ZX range incorporates a benchtop version with additional unique and innovative features designed to bring cost-effective liquid handling automation to a range of new applications. Based on our new “ZX” platform, it is easy to adapt to new applications and is ideal for custom OEM applications. Additional options include HEPA filtration and UV light for surface sterilisation.


Sterile Filling and Capping System

The Syriflex 500 workstation is designed for sterile filling and capping applications and fits inside a Class II laminar flow cabinet. Based on the HTZ’s new “ZX” technology, the system includes a disposable fluid path for sterile filling and a bowl feeder supplying caps to automate capping.


New Automated Liquid Handler

The new Beeline ZX range incorporates a unique and innovative approach to workstation design, bringing the potential for signifcantly lower costs to many automated liquid handling applications. Based on our new “ZX” robotic technology throughout, it is easy to adapt to new applications.


Liquid Handling

A range of pipetting robots provides flexible, precise and reliable liquid handling for any laboratory.


A range of instruments optimised for automating specific Clinical Diagnostic applications.

Blood Grouping

A range of instruments and applications designed to automate the pipetting and reading of blood grouping tests.

Tube Filling

A range of robots designed for filling any tubes, vials, bottles or other laboratory containers, including septa piercing and capping options.

Sample Management

If you need tubes to be filled and identified, sorted, weighed, capped or labelled then take a look at this range of workstations


A range of benchtop instruments optimised for reagent addition and dilution.


OEM & Custom Solutions

We develop and supply customised robotic workstations to leading clinical diagnostic companies around the world. Our new Beeline ZX workstations offer several advantages including :

Excellent liquid handling performance

Flexible applications software

Easily customised

Low transfer price

Low maintance costs