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Automated Liquid Handling Solutions!

Plasma Pooling System

HTZ’s automated Plasma Pooling system has been developed to provide a cost effective yet extremely powerful means of automating all the pipetting processes involved in plasma pooling and sample archiving.

Is Plasma Pooling Still Valid?

The cost of performing individual PCR tests can still be prohibitively expensive. There’s not just the cost of the test to consider but all the associated scaling up for all equipment and benchspace. Pooling of samples prior to testing may still be justifiable in some circumstances but only when the positivity rate is relatively low and the test sensitivity is fully validated – according to the FDA. Read More Here

The Beeline SX platform lends itself readily to performing plasma pooling and is based on an extremely cost-effective configuration with all of the necessary security required for reading both primary sample tubes and target pooled tubes. A summary of the key features of the system is as follows:

Integral bar-code reader option for positive ID of both sample tubes and pools

Advanced liquid level and tip sensing technology

“Filter” tip option for minimum risk of cross contamination

Fully programmable for all commonly used pooling sequences

Compact size allows multiple systems in smaller laboratories

Maximum pipetting security

Pool “Results Entry” software for secure entry of PCR results

Integral weigh cell option for gravimetric measurement of pool aliquots

The instrument includes advanced liquid handling technology for maximum pipetting security combined with sophisticated sample data management software for flexible analysis and reporting of results.  Designed for the secure preparation of plasma pools for PCR based viral assays such as HCV.