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Robotic Liquid Handlers

HTZ Robtic Liquid Handler

HTZ now offers two series of robotic workstations based on significantly different technologies, namely the SX and the ZX . Each have their own specific advantages in different applications so these options gives us the ability to provide a wider and more optimised solution for any particular automation project.

SX workstations

HTZ’s SX series of robotics is based entirely on custom designed, precision engineered components and aims to provide maximum longevity and reliability. This platform incorporates the best components available throughout and has a proven track record in some of the most demanding laboratory environments around the world working 24/7.

Beeline 300 SX robotic liquid handler
BEELINE 300 sx
Beeline 520 sx Robotic Liquid Handler
BEELINE 500 sx

The SX robots are cartesian based (e.g. XYZ) and the design incrporates a cantilevered arm supported on high-precision rails. These are in turn supported on precision aluminum castings which support a large perspex security shield for operator safety and to protect the working area from drafts. The electronics is all contained in a chassis mounted above the deck for ease of access and clad with aluminium panels.

ZX workstations

HTZ’s new ZX workstation is based on a different approach and uses fewer custom designed components to help keep both the initial purchase cost and the cost of ownership significantly lower. However, our software and liquid handling expertise, acquired over many years, remains at the heart of the ZX series and it is designed to be a truly flexible workhorse.

The ZX workstation provides significant cost benefits and ease of customisation which will open up the opportunity to automate many more tasks in an even more cost effective way.

The ZX is being launched in 2022 and will form the basis for many new models from HTZ in the near future and gives us the ability to readily adapt to the demands of new applications.

Syriflex robotic filling system
SYRIFLEX filling system with intergral bowl feeder for caps