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Automated Liquid Handling Solutions!

IFA Automation

The Beeline range of automated IFA Workstations are ideal for the Hospital Immunology and the Diagnostic Testing laboratory – whatever the workload!

Beeline 320 sx Automated IFA System
Beeline 320 Dual Probe Slide Wash

BEELINE sx automated IFA range

HTZ’s automated IFA workstations have proven to be a dependable platform for performing routine IFA preparation work for many years. The latest models all incorporate the features listed below and are available in a number of different configurations to suit the workload and available benchspace.

Automated sample and slide barcode reading

Flexible dilution protocol

Flexible Import/Export interface

Precise and accurate liquid handling

Beeline 310 SX Automated IFA Workstation
BEELINE 310 sx

BEELINE 310 sx

The Beeline 310 sx is a single probe, single syringe automated IFA instrument configured for the lower throughput laboartories yet incorporating all of the key features required for processing IFA and ELISA assays securely.

Beeline 320 SX Automated IFA System
BEELINE 320 sx

BEELINE 320 sx

The Beeline 320 sx is a dual probe, dual syringe automated IFA instrument configured for higher processing speeds and with a capacity of up to 160 samples and ideal for processing both IFA and ELISA assays.

Beeline 520 sx Automated IFA Workstation
BEELINE 520 sx

BEELINE 520 sx

A high-throughput, high capacity instrument based on the BEELINE 500 sx platform with a dual probe and dual syringe configured for higher processing speeds. The Beeline 520 sx has a capacity of up to 288 samples and is ideal for labs with a high workload.

Typical Automated IFA Workflow

One of the features of the Beeline range is its flexible software. This enables us to configure it to work closely to the way you already work and often to improve on the workflow. The following example gives you an idea of all of the main steps involved but is by no means an exhaustive or definitive list of the possible modes of operation.

1. Importing of sample test requests and Worklist Creation

The starting point of any test is of course the samples and their associated test requests. Typically, screening requests originate from an LIS and these are imported electronically into the Beeline PC using its flexible Import Module. Alternatively, these are entered manually from a locally generated worksheet.

The Beeline Worklist shows graphically the type of slides and consumables required to complete the batch and can be edited to minimise wasteage. oroptimise the use of the instrument. In addition, Titre requests can also be imported from automated microscope imaging systems, such as Image Navigator*, for those samples requiring tests at further dilution ratios. Alternatively, these can of course simply be entered manually.

2. Processing an Automated IFA Batch

Once a Worklist is assigned to be processed, the User is prompted to load up reagents and other consumables as required by the Worklist:

1. Slides and sample tubes are identified automatically using an on-board barcode reader

2. Samples are diluted in accordance to the requests in the Worklist

3. Samples are pipetted onto the “target” slides or microwell plates as appropriate

4. Targets are incubated either at ambient or at 37 degrees*

5. Slides/Wells are washed when primary incubation has been completed

6. Conjugate is added

7. Slides/Wells are incubated either at ambient or at 37 degrees*

8. Slides/Wells are washed when secondary incubation has been completed

9. Processing data is exported and printed reports generated if required

3. Final Stages

Coverslipping is performed manually and slides are then read on an automated microscope such as the Image Navigator from Immunconcepts. If using such an automated microscope the data is imported from the Beeline and combined with the slide results to enable a full printed or electronic report to be generated.

All HTZ’s Automated IFA systems provide the following features:

Flexible Dilutions

Caters for multiple, programmable dilutions to enable virtually all types of slide based assays to be processed.

Positive +ID

Reads both linear (1D) and matrix type (2D) barcodes to give secure processing of samples and slides.

Flexible LIS Interface

Flexible Import and Export data handling methods enabling paperless processing of samples and results

Flexible Test Definition

Dedicated applications software optimised for IFA and ELISA processing

Accurate & Precise

The Beeline SX range incorporates well proven automated liquid handling technology.

Microscope Interface

Compatible with some of the best automated microscope systems available with both Export and Import functionality