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Mass spectrometry sample preparation is now a requirement for a number routine diagnostic tests measuring small molecules. These assays are performed in a range of laboratories including those doing workplace drugs of abuse tests such as Carbohydrate Deficient Transferrin (CDT) or those measuring Imunosurpressants such as Cyclosporin in organ transplatation units. What these tests all have in common is a requirement for a variety of sample preparation techniques that benefit from automation when sample numbers become significant.

mass spectrometry sample preparation setup on a Beeline 310 sx
BEELINE 310 SX configured for MS Sample Preparation (Immunosupressants)

Processes involved

Some of these tests require sample preparation involving the following processes:

Sample identification

Accurate pippetting of samples, calibrators, controls including mixing of whole blood samples where required

Addition of internal controls

Addition of reagents (eg extraction buffers and or precipitating reagents)

Agitation of mix and separation of supernatant and precipitate by filtration or centrifugation

Creation of pipetting data files for secure chain of custody

Transfer of supernatant to a microplate or deep well plate for presentation to an HPLC autosampler

Mass Spectrometry Sample Preparation Automation

Many of the steps involved in these assays can be successfully and cost-effectively automated using the Beeline range of pipetting robots. Some of the features that make the Beeline suited to this application are:

Range of cost effective instrument platform – ideal for lower throughput laboratories

Automated sample and target plate barcode identification

Flexible automated pipetting software

Internally coated probe for low carryover

Ultra sensitive capacitance liquid level detector for organic solvents

Flexible interfacing software for creation of Export files

Both the Beeline 300 sx and Beeline 500 sx can both be configured for all of the liquid handling steps involved in the preparation of samples prior to HPLC. For more information on this application please contact us using our contact form.