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Infectious Disease Assay Automation (IFA)


The Beeline SX range of automated IFA processors and software cater for the automation of IFA based infectious disease tests which have previously proven to be a challenge to automate owing to the complexity of the dilution preparations, the length of the incubations required combined with the relatively small reaction volume.

Special Features

A number of new features have been added to the Beeline SX instrument’s hardware and software to meet some of the more unique requirements of the tests including:

The ability to perform individual, diluent-specific dilutions

Programmable pre-treatment times

Multi-incubator option to cater for simultaneous processing of different tests

Up to 16 slide capacity (single test option)

Humidified slide carriers and incubator

Examples of some of the tests automated include:

Rickettsia IFA IgMRickettsia IFA IgG
Bartonella IFA IgMBartonella IFA IgG
Q Fever IFA IgGQ Fever IFA IgM
Incubator Module for BEELINE SX

Incubator Module

A key requirement for many infectious disease assays is the ability to incubate slides at 37 C.

The Beeline SX Workstation can be fitted with up to 4 incubator modules, each one with independent drive mechanism for moving a microplate in and out of the temperature controlled chamber. In addition, the atmosphere within the chamber is humidified to enable prolonged incubations that use small volumes on microscope slides.

Deck Configurations

A number of different deck configurations are available to suit the requirements and throughput of different laboratories. The Infectious Disease Assay (IDA) application is available on both the Beeline 300 and 500 SX platforms.