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Automated Liquid Handling Solutions!

Clinical Applications

HTZ specialises in a number of clinical applications of automated liquid handling which match both our range of instruments and our expertise. We believe we automate them better or, at the very least, more cost-effectively than anyone else! Take a look at some of the applications outlined below or contact us directly to discuss your particular requirements. We’re developing new options, accessories and custom applications all of the time and are always keen to explore other possibilities!

Liquid Handling Clinical Applications-Beeline sx sample diluiton

Sample Dilutions

For assays requiring extensive and flexible dilution protocols

The configuration of the Beeline SX lends itself to performing accurate and extensive sample dilutions on clinical samples

Liquid Handling Clinical Applications-Beeline sx sample diluiton - IFA Test


For Autoimmunity monitoring

HTZ has a wealth of experience developing and supplying automation for IFA to immunology laboratories across the globe. We have tailored a range of Beeline instruments and software specifically for this application.

Liquid Handling Clinical Applications-QASAR Blood Grouping

Blood Grouping

ABO and antibody screening

The QASAR range of instruments automate all of the liquid handling and reading processes required for blood grouping .

Infectious Disease Assays

For tests performed on microscope slides and microplates with incubation

Many infectious disease assays require incubation and complex processing. Take a look at some of the advanced features we’ve incorporated into the Beeline to automae these test procedures

Sample pooling using disposable tip tool

Plasma Pooling

Reducing the cost of mass screening

Pooling of samples together to reduce the cost per sample remains a valid strategy for some tests.

The Beeline range is well suited to this application to provide a cost-effective automation program.

Liquid Handling Clinical Applications-Mass spectrometry sample preparation

Mass Spectrometry

Sample preparation for Immuno-supressant assays

The Beeline range is ideally suited to sample preparation for a variety of assays performed by Mass Spectrometry including sample ID, Sample Extraction, Sample pipetting etc.