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Automated Liquid Handling Solutions!


HTZ’s new ZX robotic technology is based on the latest advances in engineering and electronics to bring a wide range of features at a cost effective price. The ZX technology is now being integrated into a range of new Workstations including the Beeline ZX Automated Liquid Handler and the Syriflex filling and capping system.

ZX technology used in the Syriflex- a filling system suitable for sterile applications
A SYRIFLEX 500 zx installed in a Class II MSC

ZX Technology

HTZ’s ZX technology offers several advantages over many competitor’s workstation design For OEM and Customised System users the

  • Open framework design
  • Readily customisable to provide easy integration of third party modules – such as thermal cyclers, incubators etc
  • Multi-Z drive option to accommodate sampling probes, plate grippers, multi-channel pipette heads etc
  • Minimised hardware and electronic complexity by incorporation of innovative mechanical and electronic systems throughout
  • Reduced financial investment in inventory owing to lower overall costs
  • Potential for extremely competitive transfer price on volume purchases


The Syriflex is the first workstation designed around HTZ’s latest ZX technology. This provides all the advances in liquid handling and robotics combined in a flexible and very cost-effective filling and capping workstation.

ZX workstations will soon include a similar range of options as available on the SX range and yet has an even more open architecture to cater for a wider range of accessories and modules in the future.

BEELINE ZX – New Liquid Handling Workstation

The Beeline ZX workstation is our new general purpose liquid handling platform. It is designed so that it can be fitted with one or more sampling probes and one or more robotic arms. Typically this provides the Beeline ZX with the functionality to cater for a wider range of applications compared to the Beeline ZX series. We will be launching new models of the ZX over the coming months so please contact us for the latest information on availability.