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Automated Liquid Handling Solutions!

Sample Management Workstations

HTZ supplies a variety of sample management worstations specifically designed for performing a variety of processes on samples in microtubes and vials. As well as complex liquid handling procedures, our sample management workstations are used for reformatting tubes by selecting them from one rack and moving them to another. This may also require samples to be distributed into multiple tubes to aid with downstream processing. Common to all of the SELECTA sample management workstations is a robotic tube gripper which is used for some form of sample tube manipulation whether it be tube pickup or a capping process.

SX Decapping Module is an option on HTZ's Sample Management Workstation
SELECTA Decapping Module

SELECTA 500 sx

A workstation designed for handling individual sample tubes

Cherry Picking

Tube Reformatting


Capping & Uncapping

Tube Labelling

SELECTA sx Fractionator

Workstation for aliquotting samples into multiple aliquots

The SELECTA can be configured as a sample distribution system for dispensing samples into multiple aliquots. Incorporating barcode reading of both primary and secondary tubes, the system provides a cost-effective means of splitting samples for multiple parallel analysis or sample storage purposes. It is also capable of separating out fractions such as plasma, serum, buffy coat etc. For info on these applications please make direct contact with us at HTZ

Beeline Selecta Sample Management Workstation