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BEELINE 310 sx

The Beeline 310 SX is an automated IFA workstation for performing IFA’s on batches up to 96 samples

Beeline 310 sx Automated IFA System

BEELINE 310 sx – Automated IFA System – Features

The Beeline 310 sx is an Automated IFA instrument which processes all the liquid handling steps in an IFA and yet remains a very cost-effective solution for the lower throughput laboratory. Some of the key features are highlighted below:

Beeline 310 sx Automated IFA System

310 sx Workstation

Compact, medium throughput automated IFA instrument

The Beeline 310 sx automated IFA system has a relatively small footprint of 735mm yet provides all the flexibility of an XYZ configuration. The Deck accommodates a range of different rack configurations and can be customised to suit any specific requirements.

CCX Software GUI

Graphical Interface

Worklists showing deck layout

Programming is performed with the aid of a graphical representation of the Deck to indicate key parameters relating to the Worklist such as slides and consummables required.

Sample Barcode reading

Sample ID+

Up to 96 Sample sapacity option

The Beeline 310 sx uses mirrors to give it the ability to read both sample and slide barcodes using a single barcode reader. This provides advanced functionality with simplified hardware.

Slide Barcode reading on Beeline 310 sx

Slide Identification

Arm mounted barcode reader

Fitted with a barcode reader for identifying slides, microplates and other consumables. Reads both 1D and 2D codes.

Dual Nozzle Probe on Beeline 310 sx

Single Probe & Syringe

Single Probe and Syringe Drive

A single probe system comprising one needle connected to the syringe pump used for pipetting and one needle for waste aspiration during washing procedures.

Slide Carriers on Beeline 310 sx

12 Slide Capacity

3 x 4 position slide carriers

The Beeline 310 sx takes up to 12 slides in most Layouts. Slides are located in removable carriers and are identified automatically using the underarm barcode reader.