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Automated Liquid Handling Solutions!

Compudil 3 Specifications

Accuracy and Resolution:Full stroke of all syringes in 5000 steps.
Where necessary, selected volumes are rounded down. Actual delivered volume: +/-1% of syringe volume
Speeds:Approx. 2-15 seconds for full stroke of syringe.
Precision:CV: Better than 0.1%.
Dead Volume:Approx. 1ml, of which 95% is recoverable using the PRIME function (standard 30cm length 1.6mm I.D. reagent inlet tube, 1ml and 50ml syringes). Increased risk of detectable carry-over with dilution ratios less than 1:5, or with immiscible liquids.
Chemical Resistance:All valves, syringes and tubing are manufactured from glass or PTFE-based materials for total chemical resistance (except HF and HF compounds).
Controls:Rear panel: POWER on/off switch, socket for handset or footswitch control.
RS232 socket for computer control.
Front panel: 48 character display and 14 button tactile keypad.
Dimensions:300mm(W) x 200mm(D) x 215mm(H).
Weight:7.5kg, (packed for shipment: 9.5kg).